Help us read to Lafayette Youth throughout COVID-19

Dear community members,

In light of COVID-19, it is integral that we help parents and teachers read to our youth. Reading helps build language skills, social skills, and other skills integral to child development. To address these issues, we are asking community partners to help #LBOCReads.

For the foreseeable future, each Tuesday and Thursday at 9am we will post a video of someone special to the community reading a favorite children's book. You can learn more about the program below in a message from our very own Conrad Walters.

If you would like to read a book and have it showcased on this, or our other social media pages, please email If you are looking to donate to us to support projects like this and others, see our donation page by clicking here.

You can also check out other awesome reading programs happening in Lafayette such as:

Thank you,
Lafayette Breakfast Optimist Club
"Bringing out the best in kids"
"Friend of Youth" in Lafayette, IN

#LBOCReads Book of the Day:

Thank you for your help Lafayette! This project was a huge success - keep reading!